Zune collection not updating

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This was the best Zune Microsoft ever made, though you might consider that damning with faint praise. When I asked my followers on Twitter if anyone could loan me a Zune HD, I was greeted with mockery.(“You can actually get Spin Doctors on i Tunes now, you know,” Tyler Gray noted.) The one guy who admitted to owning a Zune later emailed to say he was mistaken: “I just asked my wife and it turns out she got rid of it.” That’s pretty much what happened to the Zune at Microsoft, too.Additionally, the computer doesn't recognize my Zune when it is plugged in and shows me logged in as a guest.I tried resetting the Zune, plugging it into a different port, and updating the software.At this point you might be questioning my revisionist take. The first Zune was released in 2006, five years after the i Pod’s release.If the Zune HD was so good—if it looked and worked just as well as an i Pod, and if Microsoft itself loved the device so much that it baked its software into its most important products—why did it fail? The Zune HD came out in 2009, two years after the i Pod Touch went on sale.They’re like the i Phone’s icons, but they can display a feed of constantly updated, useful information in the main menu.) Indeed, the Zune’s interface forms the backbone of what’s now called the “Windows 8 user interface”—the design aesthetic that Microsoft uses in Windows 8, Windows Phone, the Xbox, and all of its Web services.The company uses the Segoe font in all these products, as well as in its new corporate logo.

The collection on the Zune is not showing up on my computer.

The company launched the device with much fanfare in 2006.

But the Zune never got past the single digits in market share.

My local Craigslist listings overflowed with i Pods of every variety, but there were only a couple Zunes for sale, and they were the earliest, least-memorable versions of the device.

I was looking for a later-model Zune—specifically, the 2009-era touch-screen Zune HD.

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