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She slipped her hand in my pants and began frigging me, yelling furiously at me in Chinese.At this point, I did not know what to do, but her friends took her away, apologized (like I needed an apology), and went on their way.

I ran into D^2 about a week later after coming home from a successful night at a different club, walking home with a couple of roses from a sweet young thing that refused to utilize KTV rooms for the singing that they were made for.This club was relatively tame compared to some of the other venues that I would peruse in Xi'an, but I would still get free drinks, and occasionally, see a girl that I liked.One night when I was doing my usual "be the only foreigner/person that dances normal in the club" routine, I was approached by a gentleman that wanted me to drink with him and his buddies at his table.Feisty; I liked it, despite feeling a bit uncomfortable.After the pictures were taken, what D^2 did made me feel even more uncomfortable.

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