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There are a few reasons why Windows Media Player might fail to identify CD information for a disc.To retrieve CD information, Windows Media Player connects to the Internet and searches a CD database.Maybe you've got a rare (or older) album that can't be matched to an image.If it isn't available in the online resources that WMP 12 uses, then it will likely come up with the best match or even empty-handed.The arrows below each tab provide quick access to setting and options relevant to the task of that tab.For instance, as shown in Figure 8.3, the arrow below the Now Playing tab provides the options for playback Enhancements as well as the capability to change the current Visualization.

Follow a few steps to attempt to manually connect to the CD information database to obtain disc information.

(Although current boxed editions of both players are around –.) Media Player 11 has a redesigned user interface, as shown in Figure 8.1, to make it easier for you to manage and enjoy your digital media.

The classic menus have been replaced by an organized tab system, making managing and viewing your digital media easier than ever.

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You probably already know that Windows Media Player 12 can be used to automatically find the correct cover art for your music albums.

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