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Kaya Mc Mullen: Low-stakes dating shows can still be interesting!Just because no one is getting married at the end of the episode doesn’t mean I can’t be invested. Nicole Bae: I’ve never gone on a blind date, and now I never will. Alyssa Bereznak: Being a human being is just humiliating.Sherman: I can’t imagine how the producers of this show decided to make Dull Handsome Luke the first episode.I guess they figured it was easiest to draw people in with the show’s lone straight white guy, but I wonder how many people decided not to power through and binge because of how little he brought to the table.Donnie Kwak: Falling in like/love/lust is great fun.Juliet Litman: Leonard’s episode was a true delight.

but it’s also the episode that I can’t stop thinking about and recommending to my friends.Litman: Luke’s episode is the most unremarkable—but that’s also why it’s valuable.Of all the six daters, he most closely resembles a blank canvas.Bereznak: I wanted to rip my skin off while watching Luke’s episode.Like so many men who have vaguely lucrative finance and/or real estate jobs in the city, the man clearly thinks moving from Florida to New York is a personality.

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