Who is meredith phillips dating what was dating during world war 2

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The ex-fiancee of Bachelor Andrew Firestone, Jen was sweet and all, but, if that's all I wanted, I'd Seamless a Snickers bar.

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*One million facepalms*This season was really fun to watch, until the totally odd and super-depressing season finale, where Desiree essentially was dumped by the guy she really liked and then immediately went for Chris Siegfried, who was a clear runner-up in my mind. The only reason his season ranks this high is due to the sheer drama factor of all of the contestants. and Kelsey Poe, for really driving home the entertainment factor. and Kelsey in the desert together, I thought the show was going to feature its first on-camera murder.

I liked Andi's law degree and killer hair, but I pretty much just watched her season because Josh Murray and I went to the same college. Memorable Moment: The fact that the season got the worst ratings of all of the seasons. But, Andi is seemingly dating Chris Harrison now and that would really mean a lot to me as a fan.

After being rejected by Bachelor Bob Guiney, Meredith went on to helm a pretty yawn-worthy season in her own right.

was only notable for the fact that it was based in Paris, and brie is pretty dope.

Memorable Moment: The fact that he and the winner, Sarah Stone, broke up, even though they lived on the same street in Nashville.

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