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In a final piece for the column, to which she contributed for two and half years, she said: ‘I’m proud to say that Ask Ashley has been a greater success then I ever thought. [Ashley] is pregnant, and [TJ and Ashley] are planning on getting married.’ ‘Everyone is looking forward to the future,’ Ms Dupre told the Post.

‘Not a financial one, but rather a success in letting people see that I’m more than just the girl in the headlines from 2008.’ When Mr Spitzer was accused of paying Ms Dupre 00 for sex at a Washington hotel the night before Valentine’s Day in 2008, a can of worms was opened that revealed the governor’s long time penchant for expensive call girls and culminated in his resignation.

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In fact, the superstar has been inaccurately tied to so many models, actresses and singers, Gossip Cop decided we had to limit this look-back just to the last two and a half years.

And even then, the five wrong rumors below are just a sampling of the untrue stories we’ve busted during that time.

So, if you happen to live in New York State, then know your tax dollars will help fund Weiner’s ill-fated attempt.You may unsubscribe from these email communications at any time.Justin Bieber has had one high-profile serious relationship, but that hasn’t stopped the gossip media from falsely linking him to a ton of women over the years.Asked about her pregnancy, Ms Dupre told the Post, ‘So far so good!’ She and Mr Earle began an illicit affair shortly after news of her dealings with Mr Spitzer hit the headlines but the asphalt heir was still married to wife Alisa with whom he has two children.

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