Who is andre harrell dating

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Hyde, where the pair rocked sharp suits as opposed to the obligatory jeans, sports jerseys and baseball caps.Uptown was also where Teddy Riley’s New Jack Swing sound first began to thrive.But back to Andre, who also bought us blue-eyed soul crooner Robin Thicke, and his most recent carnation as CEO of the relatively new Harrell Records, where acts include r&b male quintet Hamilton Park.The primary reason for doing this interview is he is currently on the look out for some more acts to add to his stable.This way gives up-and-coming talent an opportunity to get to us (label heads) until they get further along the line in their professional career.This allows performers to have a video conference with me, play me four minutes of music, even making a video where you tell me about your musical journey and your hopes and dreams, and I reply back with 45 seconds direction of what I think you are good at, where I think you can improve and whether I’m interested in sign you – so I can do 20 meetings in one day with people from all over the world.Which is why he has embarked on a fantastic and innovative global talent search project with Blazetrak, a web platform that provides direct video access to the world’s top professionals From now through to November 30th, 2011 Andre will be accepting auditions via from artists and aspiring producer/songwriters.

So I would totally give Puff credit for Jodeci’s fashion.She was from where Andy Warhol was from and she kind of bought that sensibility to the company. When I was a rapper performing at the Apollo, Teddy would be playing for his brother-in-law, so I had always seen him around and then when Teddy made The Show with Dougie Fresh, for me that was the first New Jack Swing record. I remember being on tour with Chris Rock and Al B Sure and we would only play Guy and Al B Sure’s records, and every radio station we went to for promo, Al B Sure would take about his record but then he would be like, ‘but have you heard Guy, and their Groove Me record?’ I remember when I used to play Guy for people and they didn’t catch it at first and I used to look at them and say, ‘don’t worry, you’ll get it.’ That was record I would never tried to argue about it, I just used to say, ‘ just play it a few times, don’t worry’.We immediately stopped what we were doing and walked over to hear it. Very New York, very Harlem, very Washington DC, any big city with an urban area.Most young people from those places, they wanted a Louis Vuitton bag, they wanted gold earrings, they wanted jewellery.

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