Who is amalia uys dating

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Canadian model and actress Nina Dobrev is a Bulgarian import catapulted to fame by two roles on “De Grassi: The Next Generation” and “The Vampire Diaries.” Her flawless accent is courtesy of moving to Toronto from Bulgaria at age two when her artist mom and computer geek dad emigrated to the U. Nina’s enthusiasm for all things creative—-dancing, gymnastics, music, theater and anything else that got her out of math class—-culminated in an undergraduate arts degree followed by a stint at Toronto’s Dean Armstrong Acting School.

Talent agencies trolling the Armstrong school for talent saved Nina from having to take waitressing gigs like many of her contemporaries. Give us six minutes of your time to explain why: Acting credits include the erotic thriller “Chloe” in 2010 alongside a very naked Amanda Seyfried, but this film was no 50-Shades-of-Anything, so Nina still awaits the uber-break that will obliterate her Nina loves a good red carpet, her cat Lynx and any role that doesn’t include more vampires.

[The lesser-spotted DC Comics superheroes but hey, that’s so cool!

– ed.]Don’t forget to check out more exclusive celebrity Q&A’s with Sophie Ndaba, Cameron van der Burgh, Ashish Gangapersad, Wayne Parnell, Jo-Ann Strauss, Toya Delazy, Jack Parow, Liezel van der Westhuizen, Louise Carver, Leeanda Reddy and Pro Verb.

Now he is a driver for rich guy who’s daughter is kidnapped.

He will use his skills to save the girl but he will also uncover secrets the family was hiding for years.

Cape Town - Local TV personality Amalia Uys and her partner Shaun Golding tied the knot on Saturday.

Oh look, here are some nudes we found around the interwebs.Ben (Smith) is an unambitious mechanic with a hidden ambition to make music.He strikes up a conversation with a lady in a bar one night and the two quickly proceed to Facebook flirting and then dating in the real world.The film starts with some appalling, stereotypically misogynistic behaviour from the guys at Linda’s workplace and you understand her initial stand-offish demeanour, but Uys never gives us a glimpse beneath the carefully cultivated, blandly vanilla persona of Linda.Linda does broach the subject of her loneliness, as all her friends pair off, with her father (Kelfkens), whom everyone refers to as Kaptein – but then this idea is left dangling in the wind, as she moves on.

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