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Kerrie Davies, Head of Events for Caudwell Children, says it’s going to be a fast and furious night of entertainment.

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But do women with more-advanced degrees really steer clear of men in the trades and similar fields? A blunt question I asked most of them was whether they thought women with at least a bachelor’s degree were as likely to become romantically interested in blue-collar men as men who wear button-downs.Again, it’s imperative for individual, economic, and societal reasons that young men not be dissuaded from entering the trades and similar jobs. Not everyone saw the mating dances of men and women of disparate education backgrounds as potentially problematic.Explaining why they envisioned mostly starry days ahead, some of the interviewees noted that “money talks,” a locution used more than once.With Caudwell Children’s reputation for delivering world-class charity events and entertainment and Ewing Law’s fantastic record in creating superb white collar boxing events, the Float Like A Butterfly Ball is going to be a special evening.During the evening boxers will be supported by BXR London, the world’s first high-end boxing gym.

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