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So what's holding him back and who has he dated before?Here's everything you need to know about Shawn Mendes' love life...Things I never communicated when I was single now have to be made very clear very early on, including my expectations for how I’d like to be treated.I’ve noticed a similar set of misconceptions and assumptions about non-monogamy pop up in online messages and on dates again and again.Though he's a private person, Shawn said that he would be pretty open to fans if he actually started to be serious with someone."I don't have a girlfriend ...If i did i would tell you guys," he wrote on Twitter.After a late night together, the two of them walked back home and they even held hands.

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"There’s less we have to do because of the good hair. But being good-looking doesn’t make you have game."Shawn has also opened up about possibly dating a fan.

Despite the fact that he is not currently dating anyone, Shawn has been pretty open about what kind of BF he would actually be."Honestly, keep it simple.

Go to dinner," he told First, I’d probably ask like where you want to go. I’d probably just ask somebody I work with because they always know good places to eat."Even though Shawn has been pretty open about being single, he's actually the complete opposite when it comes down to who he has dated.

While it might seem like Shawn is totally down to date whenever, especially after listening to one of his songs, he's actually said that he's perfectly fine with being single right now."I'm not currently dating anyone, but it's not because I don't have time — I don't know if I'd be dating anyone if I was home in Pickering, either.

It hasn’t stumbled across me, and I’m not chasing it," he told . I’m not supposed to be with anyone right now.'"While Valentine's Day is around the corner, don't expect Shawn to have any plans."If I had a girlfriend, I think I definitely would celebrate. I never have gone and done something big for Valentine’s Day," he told .

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