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This is not cheating or any fraud method, it is the Theme creator (or other plugins and gadgets you use) who have used a mixed up code.

As you can guess from the name, Strict is strict and Transitional allows older HTML codes like target=”_blank”.

Do not change the header part of CSS file that says the name of the Theme, otherwise it will be a mess.

Here is needed reference of 500 pages written by W3C, we can feel the thing that are coming in your mind if you are not a developer.

So, if you can code or modify any child theme, it will have less error.

In any case, copy the full Stylesheet after opening in Notepad or any Text Editor and clean up using Clean CSS.

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Necessity is the mother of not of only invention but also understanding!- (World Wide Web Consortium) - W3C Validation are recognized standards organization of World Wide Web , by which We can validate code of our website . - Use W3C Markup Valida..:: Support Me :: Check out Elementor: Ro Nord VPN: Earn on Digital Ocean: co/c/688e1659ac84 :.. In this video I show you guys how to make your code meet up with W3C standards.This is a tutorial about validating your website's HTML code. Just watch the video and follow the steps I show you. I explain who the W3C are and how to validate your code to find any errors in your HTML.Markup Validation is the very important step to check and ensure the technicality (technical quality) of w..Sometimes, when you are validating in Word and lots of projects have one or two strings to validate, you have to make a lot of clicks to go inside each of the projects.

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