Validating domain trusts rpc error

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The server MAY use other standard HTTP headers as desired, including ones for compression, cache control, redirection, and linking related resources.

The file MAY be an actual file stored on the web server, or it MAY be generated on-demand by the web server.

You MUST configure your web server to allow Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS ) for the For other web servers, see I want to add CORS support to my server .

Verifying that a domain and a validator are owned by the same entity provides greater assurances of the identity of the validator operator and is a recommended step for becoming a trusted validator.

See the Currency Code reference for information on the XRP Ledger's currency code formats.

file is intended for users of the XRP Ledger to provide information to other users, scripts, and applications.

When setting the field of XRP Ledger accounts, you MUST provide the full domain, including all subdomains you used. You MAY serve the same file from multiple subdomains, if desired. The website can provide further information about your identity and how you use the XRP Ledger, which helps to build trust toward you and your services.

In compliance with RFC5785 , the path MUST start with For information on how to configure your server to provide this header, see CORS setup.

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