Validating checkboxes in php teen tips on dating

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If a value isn't supplied for the checkbox, then the box wasn't checked.Example 9-14 figures out whether a checkbox was checked, unchecked, or had an invalid value submitted.Especially a good way to check to see that at least one checkbox is checked for more than one question. Julie It's much easier to do this type of thing with j Query, rather than straight Java Script.I found this example that looks good but struggling to find a way to do this across multiple questions. I recommend you check out our Build an Interactive Website course if you haven't already.So just as with radio buttons, use the rules in Recipe 9.2 to determine that something was submitted for the checkbox before proceeding with further validation.

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Please could admin help me out and allow me to change the points assignment.Thanks Sniper Code Sheva, The problem with that is if I check one checkbox in the one set, and not the other 2, it then accepts it and doesn't give me the error.It needs to produce an error if at least one checkbox is not checked in all three sets.I tried the below code to make them sticky but they are simply preselected in stead of becoming sticky. I am retrieving data and updating two tables at once...Hi, my PHP code currently outputs the results from a users search by querying a backend postgresql database.

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