Validating a password in php Free person to person cam

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If you are sending sensitive data such as passwords, emails with HTTP request you must use POST. But, if the email is compulsory, we have to throw an error if it's empty.If you are retrieving data from the server, you can use GET method. Here I have chosen POST method and the action script, is requested with any other method, it will show an error. Next, we have to check the user inputs to avoid processing errors. Assume that you have php code to assign POST variable to a local variable as following. The last subtopic of this tutorial will explain you to do that in an object oriented way. We save his username in the database without any validation.The PHP code to retrieve the user-entered information, measures the length of the strings, and then outputs the appropriate feedback to the user, so that he can know if he's making any mistakes: The $username and $password variables retrieve and store the values of the information the user has entered into the username textbox and the password textbox.The $enterbutton retrieves the information from the 'Enter' button.Like share this tutorial or if you get any issues you can comment your question or feed back below.String length validation is measuring the length of a string entered into a text box and making sure that it doesn't go under the minimum length or that it doesn't exceed the maximum length.Above this limit, it will tell you that the username or password is too long.

I assume that you have already implemented the login register and email verification tutorial on your end and now want to have change password feature added to the same application, then let’s get started.

Of course, validating user input is really important for dynamic websites. In this tutorial, you will learn about 4 major tasks.

The awesome language, PHP has numerous in-built functions to validate user inputs.

PHP provide us an inbuilt function called password_verify which does the matching process out of the box.

The other function is really simple we are just hashing password with password hash function and updating it into the database for the corresponding user ID.

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