Updating phoenix awardbios v6 00pg australian affairs dating

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You should now see a menu similar to that shown below:4. Use the arrow keys to select your USB Disk then press enter.Note: If your USB device is not listed, you may need to set a boot flag to make the partition active.5.(surprisingly their comp specs match mine) I'm looking into doing this myself but I'm barely just learning the ropes with the tools and what not.So in the mean time maybe you guys can help me out and possibly save me a lot of time.To date, this system has easily been able to boot from any properly setup flash drive or USB hard drive we have thrown at it.

During the system post tap the F11 key (or the key your board manufacturer specifies to get into Boot Menu)Note: The key used to access the Boot Menu may vary.When complete, exit the BIOS, being sure to save your options. Press the "enter" key when prompted by your computer.This will boot the disk and your BIOS update will begin automatically.Due to the age of the BIOS, finding this software can be a challenge.The most likely path to success is to contact Phoenix Technologies directly (see Resources).2. If any windows open, click the red X to close them.3.

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