Updating kitchen cabinets using decorative molding

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Our guy built a frame on the ceiling, and on the back edge of the top of the cabinets. This way he would have something to attach the front boards to. While I waited for him to come back and put the trim up, I decided to go ahead and get the boxes painted. Here you can see where the quarter round trim will go to cover up the cracks and where the crown molding will go at the ceiling.Next he applied a quarter round trim where the bottom of the new boards meet the top of the cabinets.Which looks nice for a while, but then just creates more work cleaning the dusty and greasy items on display!I knew that replacing all of the old cabinets for ones that were taller would be very expensive., and since then I’ve been posting about the different elements that went into our kitchen renovation (you’ll find a list of these posts at the bottom of the page).

It can also be attractive to leave space between the cabinet top and the molding piece.

I don’t know about you, but I have never really liked having that empty space above our kitchen cabinets.

It’s a great place for dust and kitchen grease to collect, but not an easy place to clean.

The first thing he did was take down the crown molding that was at the top of the cabinets.

We were going to try to re-use the crown molding, but it was damaged from taking it down.

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