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Major game review websites, IGN and Game Spy have both reviewed Project Reality.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is a first-person shooter video game in the Battlefield series, developed by Digital Illusions CE.

The Insurgency game mode diverts slightly from these rules, limiting the insurgent side to spawn at their weapons caches which they must defend, lest they lose the ability to spawn.

The opposing team can discover the location of these caches by catching informants for the insurgents, after which an enemy cache will be marked on the conventional forces' map, indicating its position.

The game, as of December 2015, is available on Steam Early Access.

The game was initially funded through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Modern Combat is the first Battlefield game for video game consoles and also was a standalone side-story/expansion for Battlefield 2 which was released exclusively on PC that same year.

The game was initially released for Play Station 2 and Xbox in 2005.

The hacks are capable of subtle, legit-looking hacking as well as all-out rage hacking so you can dominate your opponents while having a blast!

However, insurgents can still deploy and construct destructible "hideouts" to spawn at, which act in a similar way to the Forward Operating Bases in conventional game modes.

PR: BF2 features over 15 factions with additional ones being in development.

Co-op can also serve as a single-player mode (with bots standing in for teammates).

In contrast to the original system of Battlefield 2, players may not spawn at their squad leader when they die, but must instead spawn at permanent spawn points such as main bases, or at temporary rally points created by the squad leader.

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