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The Curve serves as a compliment to the Pearl in RIM’s lineup; both devices have all the power a business user needs but with the multimedia features they are both aimed at breaking into the consumer market.

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It is a good size, but still on the large side for the average consumer.

At the bottom of the door is the release, which is flanked by two gold contacts that charge the battery in an optional cradle. The battery can be tricky to remove - you have to get your nails in the top, push down towards the bottom of the phone a bit and pry it out - which is troubling because that is where the is located.

The slot actually works more like you would expect a SIM slot to, you have to slide the catch to pop the door open, and there is no indication as to how to put the card in other than the exposed contacts.

The keypad on the Curve is great, but we can’t help but feel that it is just a bit cramped.

Conversely, the phone feels a bit wide in the hand as well, so it’s obvious that RIM tried to make the best out of the situation here.

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