Understanding dating

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He's ready for an exclusive relationship with you and only you. And you just can't put a price on "I like you." [C] When a guy has sex with you, it means he's attracted to you and you were willing. I take that back – he may or may not be attracted to you. Chances are if they care for you, you'll hear about it. As a result, men have learned that THEY are the center of the universe. But if it is, it's probably not his only desire or even the most important one to him. On the list of things important in his life, getting to know you could be ranked number 3, 7, or 12, along with his career, exercising, sports, his male friends, his family, his female friends, his hobbies, his penis, his quest to find himself, his search for an autographed photo of Angelina Jolie on e Bay, or even his desire to simply be alone for a while. He's not planning his weekend around you and your schedule. And just as you are hopefully on his list of life essentials, you are certainly not the only one on that list. He's getting out there, increasing the odds — his odds — at least, for now.

I'm not bad looking, and I'm not stupid, but I have no luck with men. Until then, he's not marrying you, he's not getting engaged to you, he's not committing to you; he is dating. And that's what you should do, how you should think, and how you should date – if you hope to eventually have that mutual commitment. He is dating you, just like he is dating other women. Because if he gets wind of your worship at the altar of The Relationship before he's even considered what's between the two of you, he'll be out the door. Now, if you were trying to make a business deal with, say, a Japanese CEO, wouldn't it make sense to learn how the Japanese think and speak? Attracting a man is no different than scoring a successful deal You want something from (or better with) him – a relationship. And be prepared for success because that understanding will greatly increase your odds of getting what you want.

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