Turbo lister crashes when updating

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For those without any errors, a new listing template will be created per CSV row.

Now that your Inventory items are in Wonder Lister, the next step is to make some minor edits to the listing templates just imported.

We worked hard to make WP-Lister easy to use but flexible.

The workflow of listing items requires not a single click more than neccessary.

There you will find a link to e Bay’s look up table for categories allowing variations.

If you can only list to categories where no variations are allowed, consider purchasing WP-Lister Pro which can split variations into single listings. But if you need to import all your items from e Bay to Woo Commerce first to be able to use WP-Lister, you can use the importer add-on plugin we developed to get you started.

It seems some have had success but I have no idea how they achieved it.

When you install and run Wonder Lister for the very first time, Wonder Lister will automatically import all your listings data residing on e Bay.

I was using the e Bay Sync plugin by e Bay Australia which was good. I spent months searching the plugin market for the next best solution and found this one. 🙂This is a good e Bay integration option however it is imperfect.I spent a significant amount of time logging the issue complete with screenshots and the "Happiness Engineer" replies that he can't work it out and therefore it's not their plugin in must be another e Bay tool we use... Product works, but there is nowhere near enough documentation. Also great that this plugin is NOT subscription based like for other!we're not using another e Bay tool, nor do we manage listings or prices via e Bay. We bought the Pro version, 1st email to support was completely ignored, the 2nd said "we don't offer support for design, so I don't have any other sample listing templates, other than what comes with WP-Lister out of the box." So basically you have to keep guessing at what is required. Have contacted support a couple of times, and always got a fast reply.Your server should run on Linux and have PHP 5.6 or better with c URL support.Please check out the list of incompatible hosting providers as well.

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