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We used five different online tools to evaluate this link, and rewardsconnector in general.To its credit, all services reported the site as clean of malware and not on any known/checked blacklists for suspicious sites.One of our readers has been inundated with emails, mostly through, that look like promotions from well-known businesses and she’s been sharing them with us. But oddly, the links in this email point to a shortening service at Two days earlier this TDS reader also sent us a delightful email that came to her from another address with the subject “Walmart Reward_Open Immediately”. When we unshortened this link we discovered that it sent us to a domain called Of course, we unshortened that link to see that it will redirect you to a file on a website called Rewards Connector-DOT-com. Though this domain was registered in May, 2016, Google can’t find any information about it at all.

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Here are two: How would you feel now about applying for a loan reduction by calling these numbers? We often see lots of online, unsolicited pitches for personal loans, business loans, student loans, etc. Did you see a business name and website in any of these emails that can be verified? Any reference to a brick and mortar business you can walk into or verify? ” It also had links leading back to a URL shortening service, but this one was The link “Click here to Stop shutdown” points to a shortened URL at Would you like to give the sender(s) the benefit of the doubt a moment?This domain More readers are reporting suspicious redirects popping up on their smartphones since we first reported on them in our January 10 newsletter.Here’s one of them that was a redirect to giftcardtip-DOT-top… Membership Rewards” This domain was registered on December 22, 2017 through a proxy service in China. “Cardmember, There is a recent security report for your American Express(R) Accounts(s)” says an email from, a real domain owned by American Express.

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