Text message dating game

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We will present you some interesting games with which you will little jollify your monotonous daily texting with a boyfriend or girlfriend or with your crush: Why is it one of the fun texting games to play with a guy?

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Text him a series of daring questions, you could even compare his favorite things to you to make it more difficult for him to answer such as “Would you rather kiss me or be a millionaire”?

: – It is best to play this game face to face, because in this way you have to rely on memory and intelligence.

But this game can be equally interesting if it is performed via text message.

All light green and scary and wolfy : P Girl: Haha shut up, everybody loves my eyes Yags: Ya? This one worked like a charm for Yags all weekend both in text messages and in person. Here’s a follow-up tried and true idea for hot texting games to play with girls you can use: The ‘Would You Rather’ game is nothing new, but it’s one of the best texting games to play with girls. Because you can use it to 1) make her laugh, 2) to get to know her better & vice-versa & 3) flip the script & start talking dirty / sexy once she’s engaged & feeling comfortable.

I guess they’re pretty eyes, but your new nickname is “Howlin” – Ha! NOTE: Women LOVE talking about sex, they just need to feel comfortable first.

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