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If authorities were notified, the Morrises never heard about it.Had the system worked, what would the rest of Emilie’s life have looked like?An 11-year-old elementary school student in Brooklyn, New York, was allegedly sexually abused by her teacher.Daniel Santiago, 29, who taught at the Brooklyn Science and Engineering Academy in Flatbush, was charged with sex abuse and acting in a manner to injure a child under 17, after being arrested Monday.

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The student also touched his genitals during the trip.Emilie Morris turned on the digital recorder wedged into her sports bra.She pulled her SUV into the Saint Louis Galleria mall parking lot, where a high school running coach named Jim Wilder waited.That’s what Emilie’s mother, Joan Morris, and sister, Andrea, have been wondering.“What could have been different for her if Lindbergh officials had properly investigated when these warning signs first started? In response to what happened in 1996, Lindbergh Schools said it had no record of whether the information concerning Wilder and Emilie was reported to social services.

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