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Even though scientific studies have proven these differences, feminists and SJW’s love to deny them. I displayed too much positive body language whenever I got a girl’s number. I can’t even tell you how many times avoiding this mistake blew my mind and eventually another body part. It works especially well when you combine it with the advice from the chapter On page 49, Joshua shares his insights on how to be more congruent when approaching women.

I actually had to contact the support team because I had forgotten my password. After years of working as a dating coach, I can confidently say that congruency is one of the key factors of success with women.

This number makes this product the most successful dating product of all time.

I bought the product five years ago and I tested its principles again in field in October 2017.

In this review, I share my own experience with Joshua's advice, techniques and mindsets.

Eventually, I had to admit that the product is hyped but not overhyped. Joshua Pellicer is not a scam artist and he’s more than a pickup artist.

Thanks to the bootcamp with Sasha Daygame I wasn’t afraid to walk up to girls and to introduce myself. Anyway, they work, even though it was never Joshua’s intention to use them as text messages…and even though there’s a way better product for texting girls. And I also agree with the advice on how to get out of the friend zone (and on how to avoid it in the first place). It’s one thing to share the principles that influenced my seduction style. Most of the techniques I tested with random girls are from The Tao of Badass Ultimate Package 5-part video series. I always considered it as a complete waste of time.

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In my opinion, this online seminar alone is worth the price of the product. The design and the formatting of the slides is a disaster and the spelling mistakes made me cringe…and I’m not even a native speaker.

Thanks to Josh, I now do it AFTER the attraction phase. Here’s an excerpt from chapter 8 of the Tao of Badass PDF: That’s what Joshua calls love. It took only seconds for her to climb on top of me. Well, you’ll know the answer after you’ve read this The Ta of Badass review.

As someone who is in love with an amazing woman, I should be offended. For now, I want to show you what you’ll get (in case you buy it). I don’t want to get into trouble for sharing too much with you. Since the initial release in January 2011, the product has been updated and relaunched.

He talks about the do’s and don’ts when breaking up, about handling a divorce, and about how everything is linked to his previous career. You might need it in the near future when you can’t choose between Jessica, Laura, and Julie.

The information in this 4-part seminar is pure In this seminar, Joshua reveals all kinds of tips, techniques, and advice on how to become more confident, a better man, better at communicating and a better lover.

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