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At the recommendation of Uncle Rico and a suspect pharmacist, he takes an illegal skin cream called Rack-U-Tane whose side effects make him aggressive and give him increased resistance to pain.

Soon he is invited to participate in blood sports at the Pioneer Punch Club.

While working out, he draws the attention of Misty (Amy Poehler), a girl whom Kip has met on the internet.

Science teacher Professor Koontz (Jemaine Clement) uses a computer dating program run on his Scantronica 3000 to set up the students with each other: Pedro is matched with his crush Summer Wheatley (Haylie Duff), Deb with Summer's boyfriend Don Moser (Jared Hess), and Napoleon with katana-wielding Japanese exchange student Tokiko.

The ligers learn of the kidnapping and invade the town.The premiere episode had a Nielsen rating of 9.5 million viewers, but the ratings later dropped and the last four episodes averaged only 4 million viewers.The series ranked sixth in viewership among teenagers.The Mayor and Police Chief flee, leaving Student Body President Pedro in command.Meanwhile, a near-blind Grandma enlists Kip to be her eyes for her, reading romance novels to her and navigating for her as she drives.

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