Suite 309 dating show

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Instead, Moseby keeps the money to pay for the damage done by Zack's thrower.Guest stars: Grant Johnson as Johan Yo, Kara Crane as Piper Zack develops a crush on a cute passenger named Violet, but must deal with her wealthy "boyfriend", Ashton, and snooty mother who will do anything to keep Zack and Violet apart, especially after Ashton gives her an expensive jewelry piece.Kristi has now focused her talents on helping men and women with their dating lives.The dating world is so different then it was 20 years ago.

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Zack shares a cabin with Bailey (Debby Ryan), who is a neat freak.When they finally make it past the security guard and into the show, they become convinced that their teacher, Miss Tutweiller, is one of the showgirls after seeing her heart shaped anklet in the show and during class.So, Zack sends Bailey and London undercover as two showgirls to find out.Moseby puts them to work so they can earn their keep.Cody is practicing for a yo-yo contest to make some money and impress Bailey and Zack agrees to take over both his and Cody's jobs on the ship so Cody can perfect his yo-yo trick.

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