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But it is a learning process and the method is still developing.

I am not saying the algorithm is the best in the world and I will not change it in any way, it is still developing.

“The idea came to us in 2015 because we were already operating a dating agency and the current director of this agency for disabled people came to us to find a partner.

He asked if we also catered to disabled people and we said yes we do, but then we found that there were various problems and issues that disabled people face and we thought it would be a great idea if they had a dating agency specially tailored to meet those needs and find love.” So this person came to you to find a partner but was not successful because of his disability?

And sometimes people think they are prepared, they say they are ready to move on, but in reality they are not. You go to the gym and find a trainer who will exercise with you and you think that’s it, the weight will come off because the trainer will make it happen.

On the other hand, if your old relationship just broke up a month ago and you are not ready to enter into a new one you may need six months just to overcome the break-up and start again.

We collect this information and then we compare the scoring between partners which tells us how well-matched they would be.” I would have thought that this is the basic criteria used by any dating agency?

“No, that’s not so, usually they ask how old are you, what are your hobbies etc., they focus on the life you are currently living, not on what you would like to do.

And usually people think that the website is only meant for the disabled, but it is an open space, accessible to everyone. We don’t charge any fees, everything is transparent, everything is for free.” Is it just in the Czech Republic?

We are trying to break down this preconception that if someone is disabled they are on the margin of society, disabilities have various levels and sometimes you do not even recognize there is a disability unless you know more.” So you have set up this dating agency for disabled people, but anyone can use it? “It is based in the Czech Republic but with the Internet it is simple to spread it all over the world and we would like to see it spread.” How does it work? “In our regular dating agency we use a special mathematical algorithm.

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