Stop being desperate dating

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Then she cheated on him and his standards fell even lower for the next girlfriend.

He feels like it really would not matter to you if it were him or the guy next door.

I have honestly never heard a man say such a thing. If so many men wanted to be happily married, the divorce rate would not be sky-high, and we simply would not be having this conversation.

I have dated women in their 30s, and they truly make you feel like you are dating their checklist: “Tony has a job…check. Tony only has one child…checkmate.” The point is that it makes Tony feel like he is simply there to fulfill your needs, as opposed to the needs of the relationship.

Not only is this guy desperate, but he will expect you to drop everything for him, too.

If you don’t, he will get angry with you and may even start to stalk and harass you.

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