Steam randomly validating game files

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If its different in any way it replaces or adds on any files.If I ever have a problem with a game on steam this always the first thing i do.Seeing how my laptop only had a small patch and it updated fine, I decided to uninstall TF2 and reinstall with a backup from my laptop.I've done this before, no problem, it normally works. Despite several attempts to make a backup, the files on the DVD always corrupted and I couldn't reinstall the game, or even transfer the backup to my hard drive.After all, perhaps it's downloading the files to the wrong folder, or something like that.

TF2 decided to redownload 3 GB on my desktop for no apparent reason.Was getting to the point of setting the comp on fire.You know what ended up fixing the problem: I deleted everything in the registry related to Black Mesa or the Source Engine. I suggest going through your registry and just clean it out. (If you're on Win 7, go to start, type 'regedit', run the .exe)Idk what registry entries to touch so that may be a bad idea.What happens is that it checks the games has all the proper files (sometimes if you want to mess with maps and stuff might accidentally delete some stuff so it adds all the right files!) This happened when I was trying to make Portal 2 and Stanley pabs together and I deleted some files accidentally.

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