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The field could be set so that the plasmoid-like substance could not escape, but other objects could pass into the ultra-hot core.

This created a deadly blade of energy that could slice its way through almost any substance.

Note: As of June 10, 2010 the ""was removed from the schematic. Note: If you get at least one hit on Aralina, you can get the schematic.

Once the NPC spawns, you will need to hit her at least once.

Don't worry about getting the "killing blow" or even "outdamaging" other players, only one hit is required.

This NPC is a CL 90 Boss and spawns anywhere from 4–7 hours behind the destroyed Starport (/way rori 5283 5746 Aralina Silk;) in Restuss.

The best time to ensure she will be there is right after the servers reset every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. Speculated spawn times of Aralina Silk (Emperor's Hand) are, in GMT: To obtain the schematic from the NPC, you must be playing a Jedi.

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