Speed dating vs internet dating

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That does not guarantee the attraction will work or last .I dont have much experience with online dating and even less experience with speed dating, but I think that the chemistry online could be established a lot more quickly if people would depend more on video chat often rather than messaging back and forth and picture swapping.I guess those who go to speed dating are genuine singles looking for a match .It is a non threatening way to meet a d share a laugh .The energy someone gives off in their written messages and in a still photo, is very different to the energy they emanate face to face , with the added benefits of perceiving the present realities of the person's physicalities, their body language, and the sound of their voice and silences.Yes, it is another way of meeting people, but usually it is not free to take part, and the event can be some distance from your home.

Online dating can be effective just the same, it just takes a bit more time.

I have never attended one, but I once watched a TV documentary that showed one in progress and explained how they work.

There are positives and negatives, but they seem to me directed more towards younger people, aged 21 to 35, and in my opinion you are going to learn very little about the people you meet, other than if there is possibly a physical attraction, before you decide if you want a date after the event. " That's stuff you can find out about later, if he's worth finding out about.

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