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39% people found their partners through friends – beating online dating and hanging out in bars combined.It is our friends who often introduce us to prospective partners when we say we are lonely.On one hand, if all you do is hang around with the same married couples you are rarely going to meet anyone new.If all you do is swipe right on Tinder then you are just going to end up on more dates with little to talk about other than Love Island.I woke up one day and realised that I was the only one in my social group who wasn’t married with kids. Did you know that Manchester is in the midsts of a dating crisis, with the highest concentration of singles in the UK?

Secondly, dating from behind your screen seems to bring out the worst in people.

For some this may have been successful, but you may also have had some cringe-worthy moments.

There is nothing worse than being one of two single people at a dinner party and having your married friends exchange glances as you desperately try to make small talk.

" We are not a dating agency, and nor would we ever want to be!

However, most of our members are Manchester singles who have joined us with a plan to go out, have fun and see what life brings them.

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