Speed dating dvd

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Absent: Lisa Edelstein as Lisa Cuddy, Omar Epps as Eric Foreman, Jesse Spencer as Robert Chase, Jennifer Morrison as Allison Cameron, Peter Jacobson as Chris Taub, and Olivia Wilde as Remy Hadley House returns and has surprising news for Cuddy; on the advice of his therapist, Dr.Darryl Nolan, he's quitting his job; an ailing video game creator (Rick D.

Taub quits saying he only wanted this job to work with House.

There is some sort of sub plot involving memory loss and drug importation or something ... The obligatory "making of" in the special features section of the DVD was funnier.

Everybody is sooo earnest about this piece of crap.

The man is the type of idiot most women run a mile from.

Not only is he annoying, he's dull and lacks any charisma.

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