Sober lesbian dating

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When I put an end to my habit of drowning myself in half a bottle of wine every single night at 28, I thought I would never be able to clean my apartment again. I had been power-cleaning my apartment buzzed, sweeping the floors with a cold glass of vino pressed between my thumb and forefinger for half a decade.I didn’t think I could get through the painfully mundane task of washing the dishes, sober. My apartment turned into a slime pit for two months and then one day, I started fucking cleaning again, baby.When I finally got rid of them I realized I didn’t actually need any of them, at all.I had created this crazy, false narrative of dependency in my whacked-out head.

Or “I can’t ask a woman out unless I’m drunk.” It’s time to replace those loud, negative thoughts with loud, positive thoughts.

I replaced the wine with podcasts and broke out the dust buster.

Pretty soon my apartment was shinier than it ever had ever been when I was drunk.

When I quit popping recreational ADHD meds at 26, I felt tired and puffy, like heavyweights were attached to my limbs and sodium was pumping through my veins.

I was convinced that my body would never produce natural energy again.

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