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How much bread must one eat to be obligated in netilas yadayim, hand washing, or to fulfill one’s obligation of seudas Shabbos?The answers to these and other questions relating to shiurim have been addressed by gedolei haposkim, but are often not well known.This article will attempt to clarify the halachic parameters of food related measurements.Our testing indicates that this is the approximate size of a golf ball (40 ml) or a roll of quarters (37 ml).Shiurim may also be offered in yeshiva on topics in mussar, Chumash, and hashkafah (Jewish philosophy), depending on the yeshiva and the learning level of its students.A shiur is also the name given to the different class-levels in a yeshiva.Similarly, there are many varieties of olives, and we are uncertain which one is used for the kizayis measure.Therefore, shiurim must be defined in contemporary terms.

Getting Rabbi Orlofsky's shiurim (Torah classes) is easier than ever!

However, since the lecture hall was so crowded, his seat was behind the lectern, so he only saw Rabbi Meir from the back.

"Had I seen him from the front, how much greater would I have become! Traditionally, a shiur refers to the type of learning that takes place in yeshivot and kollelim, in which students hear an in-depth lecture on the sugya (Gemara topic) the yeshiva is studying at the time.

There's no set schedule, but expect updates every once in a while. Recorded live at a Jerusalem Seminary, Rabbi Orlofsky deals with a sensitive subject that affects many university age students.

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