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Alex plans to return the sword, wanting nothing to do with ancient myths.

That night, Merlin saves Alex from a demon and explains that he has four days to destroy Morgana or she will enslave all of England.

Merlin barely saves them and Excalibur is destroyed when Alex and Lance come to blows in a marsh.

Alex calls upon the Lady of the Lake who appears and restores the sword.

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Alex is a twelve-year-old boy who is starting a new term at school while struggling to adapt to his new surroundings.

When his best friend Bedders is bullied by older students named Lance and Kaye, Alex comes to his aid but ends up in a fight with Lance.

The next day, a teenager appears from inside Stonehenge and presents himself at Alex's school as a new student.

The boy reveals himself to Alex as the wizard Merlin, capable of aging backwards, but is also able to shift between his Arthurian counterpart.

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