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Terms like “low-hanging fruit” and “quick wins” are common corporate turns of phrase because things that are lower input and higher output are obviously good.

This is why it’s curious to me that many SEO-focused and SEO-savvy folks don’t have a methodology for updating old blog posts.

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Updating your content provides a lot of different benefits.One question here is: How do you decide exactly which and how many pages to update?This can be a bit tricky and should be somewhat dependent on your internal resources and priorities of course, but a few ways to think about and approach the process: Now that you have a good list of pages to update, you can start to actually get those updated. Make sure they’re all still in business and supported, and if they don’t, replace legacy tools with new entries into space if appropriate.A word of caution before we get into some specific steps to update and freshen older content, as this excellent post from Cyrus Shepard on fresh content details a few potential pitfalls of freshening your content: With all of that in mind, once we have a batch of posts we’ve decided are good candidates for updating, we can get to work. Thickening your post with additional useful content is a great way to grow longer tail traffic to the post.As multiple smart SEOs have pointed out: Switching the time stamp that populates on your blog posts from “published on” to “last updated” (and then actually updating your older posts) is a great indication that the content is up to date/fresher, particularly if you actually go through and make substantial changes to the post. You can find some natural ideas for additional sub-sections for your content by looking at Google’s own “people also ask” feature: These are terms that Google obviously deems relevant to the query, and in many cases, there are some good questions/prompts for additional areas to cover within your post.

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