Scott schuman and garance dore dating

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,” came to New York and worked in wholesale, eventually opening a small showroom where he represented designers like James Coviello and Peter Som.That business closed in the post-9/11 recession, and he decided to be a stay-at-home dad. Then classes at ICP encouraged him to try more adventurous subjects (the Fulton Fish Market, a sassy Hasid, a pretty girl shopping at the Chelsea flea market), and he started posting his images every day. There weren’t many roads, but one could still get a subscription to a fashion magazine.“I’d take a picture of a guy in a suit, and people would say, ‘That’s not street style,’ and I say, ‘But he was on the street!’ There’s much more subtlety on my blog than on other blogs.” What Schuman and Doré do, in effect, is to remove one layer of fantasy from a typical editorial shoot.The subject heading is “The Illustratoriste, Paris.” Later, she shows up in military shorts and stiletto heels under the heading “Garance just shops in my closet (and by ‘in my closet’ I mean the green shorts, not the heels!

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I wouldn’t want to be with a girl like that, who’s type A. That’s the whole package.” “I am very lucky,” says Doré. The world of who, exactly, makes the images that become our idea of “fashion” has, for a very long time, remained shockingly small.Schuman’s blog caught the eye of the editors at, who started sending him to Europe to cover the scene outside the shows. The subjects of his early posts are cute and stylish enough, but you can see him really falling in love with the people who wear high-fashion, in-season clothing. One of the moody ones, a black-and-white of Schuman crossing the Place Vendôme in an unbuttoned trench, is credited to Doré.Doré first appears on his blog in 2007, wearing khaki trousers, a Breton top, a fringed shawl, and a black jacket.Eventually, she made her way to Paris, where she found work as a freelance illustrator for fashion magazines.Her original reason for starting to blog was to give herself deadlines. But then she started hanging out at the shows and taking pictures, and then there was Scott, who gave her a better camera, and now here she is describing a game of charades she’d played that weekend with Schuman’s 12-year-old daughter, Isabel. Another change: He starts posting photographs of himself.

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