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They played their first live show in December 2003, performing around Western Australia, in between school commitments.

The band recorded and released two EPs and an album and performed at SXSW.

She is the daughter of Phil Stevens, co-founder of Jarrah Records and manager of John Butler Trio and The Waifs.

both of whom played guitar, vocals and bass guitar.

My initial introduction to the drums happened by chance.

My parents have always been involved in the local music scene, even though neither of them is a musician.

My dad manages an artist named John Butler, and it was at a friendly barbecue where I met Jack Johnson’s drummer, Adam Topol.

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I knew from a young age that I wanted to be in a band, and I’d finally found my instrument.In 2014 she established a side project, a two-piece electronic hip-hop group, Ghetto Crystals, with Doug May (the guitarist and brother of Abbe May).Right now Scarlett Stevens is in my hometown New York City, insisting I get Caracas Arepas with her in Williamsburg before she sets foot on a long journey consisting of two full headlining tours in America and Europe. Scarlett Stevens: We’ve written and rehearsed at a few different locations. We played at SXSW when we were 13, the same year that you and Asy were there! I have slopey shoulders so I’m prone to wardrobe malfunctions. I am forever pulling up bra straps and haven’t mastered the coordination or dexterity to correct wardrobe malfunctions mid-song. P J Harvey, Kim Gordon, Debbie Harry, Patti Smith, Cindy Blackman, Le Tigre, Jenny Lewis. But then there’s been people who I’ve met through gigging who I’m also totally inspired by, like you and Asy, Isabella Manfredi from the Preatures and Abbe May. The changes to the time signature keep me on my toes. I finally got to wear my awesome all-in-one white satin 70s jumpsuit which got its well deserved debut. In November 2009, at the end of high school, the Flairz disbanded and Stevens started jamming with other musicians around the same age.She was asked to play on a friend’s recording, which led to the formation of King George, which later became San Cisco.

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