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If I were writing acoustic guitar songs and making indie rock records, I would be faking it.”Her sister cautions against greasing the squeakiest wheels, that fervent and vocal online contingent fond of telling the duo they’ve sold out.“A lot of people have stuck with us and we’re committed to keeping up a dialogue with our fans,” Tegan says.

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“We were in the scene but always on the periphery.”Being marginalized often (usually) goes hand in hand with being condescended to.“The people at that barbecue understand that by supporting us, they can get their subversive message out there.Katy Perry doesn’t say ‘Welcome the queer band Tegan and Sara!“So it’s unfortunate that a very loud few seem to speak for everyone on social media.Our joke is that Sara could rescue 30 kittens from a burning treehouse, post a photo on Instagram, and they’d be, like, ‘She’s growing her eyebrows out.’TEGAN AND SAR A MAY be done tracking who loves them—and how much—but there’s no question their base is expanding.

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