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Cyn Santana is one such star who has gained popularity through her Instagram page and is a renowned social media personality who has more than a million followers in her channel.

Let us explore more about her through her Bio that includes affair, net worth, dating, and many others., in the Uptown, New York City, United States of America.

Santana smiled softly."You're the only one who gets to see me out of this uniform, Rae." she whispered, kissing her girlfriend.

"By the way, everyone is thinking the exact same thing now that they were thinking this morning.""That they want to find a way to get you out of the picture? Santana rolled her eyes, but nodded."Basically, yea." she said."That'll never happen." Rachel promised. None of those guys could ever be as much fun while shopping as me." she said.

Quinn rolled her eyes."Aside from that, there's a different lesson to this. Santana bit her lip."You're right." she said as Rachel walked by their table. "I'll let you talk about Broadway." she said in a singsong voice."Fine." Rachel said, sitting down next to her girlfriend."Why'd you change your clothes? Rachel shrugged."I got tired of every single guy staring at me." she said, sipping her water. It doesn't matter what you wear, because it's just gonna end up being taken off of you anyway." she whispered in Rachel's ear. "I'm sorry that I got jealous earlier, I just didn't like those guys picturing themselves being able to be the one to get you out of that outfit.""San, that's what I go through on a daily basis.

Everyone thinks that they have a shot to take this uniform off and they don't." Rachel said, smiling.

Furthermore, she has done campaigns help people with suicidal problems and its causes and also involved in several charity works.

However, it is known that Santana is of Dominican and Salvadorian background and citing her mother to be a very strict woman while Cynn was growing.

She has over 3 million Instagram followers and in excess of 5o0,000 Twitter followers that indicates her popularity throughout her large fan base.

Santanna has earned a good sum of fortune through her career as a You Tuber, Instagram sensation and being a model as well as several other successful ventures. Such business will only add up to her already impressive net worth which is expected to increase in the upcoming years.

" Quinn asked."This amazing sale at this awesome store." Santana said."Which one? Rachel smiled."It's a little place called Santana's room." Santana nodded."All clothes are one hundred percent off." she said. Santana grinned and pulled Rachel out of the school.

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