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You know, it IS possible that weird things happen to the people who post, and even if some of the stories are bogus, perhaps it's best that we just accept the premises and go with it.If we don't, people will eventually be leery of posting funny or odd things that really have people have stopped with the "insider" gossip because they are tired of being derided for making shit up.Wow, so amazing that you drove 3 hours to look at dogs at a complete strangers house, and have the time and manual dexterity to live blog about it here while still receiving shoulder rubs and carrying on with him simultaneously. The alleged homoeroticism just adds another layer of gritty realism. Also make sure someone you know, knows your whereabouts, in case you wake up in pieces his refrigerator. And please don't be a whore like some of those who posted above. I have a couple of men that I'm introducing to gay sex and taking it slow and easy is the best approach - generally. but by then I already realized (albeit painfully slowly) what was happening. I wanted another lab, and this is one way to get them without having to stalk rescues for months and months - only to get a lab that was from a puppy mill and has behavioral issues and hip dysplasia requiring a k surgery. It's an expensive business to be in - to care for so many dogs & get all of their health clearances and travel to shows all the time.There have been a few of these guys who seduced me - all the better. Later, he said he wasn't even sure if he was hitting on me. (Parents are tested for hips - its all posted on[quote]ll he had to do was put something in your little girl drink and you would wake up in handcuffs with that fat fuck going at you. It would be quite an elaborate front to lure a random gay guy in. So, after she found the dog - after a month or two - they refused to adopt it to her.He just kind of joked and said - yeah I guess I did touch you a lot - sorry. R65 - They are Labrador Retrievers - you can see them grow up in the video below. These are very young and not ready to go home for another 5 weeks at least. R74 - The Ellen drama was due to her adopting a dog from a shelter and giving the dog to someone else when the shelter contract specified she had to bring the dog back to the shelter and not find it a home on her own. A friend of mine was denied from adopting a dog once because she is only allowed to bring them down in the service elevator, and that notoriously neurotic shelter thought that wasn't sufficient (there are 50 dogs in the building, at least... This is also one reason that shelters can be a problem, but there are definitely a couple of very good ones, but their nice / friendly / cute dogs are gone within 24 hours (pit bulls remain).It's hard to find shelter dogs & deal with (some) shelter drama. and no real easy way around it (train or whatever). It feels pretty sparse out there but has most of his family and old friends there. R85 - It proved that I didn't just take some random pic of puppies the internet like you did at R30.[quote][R85] - It proved that I didn't just take some random pic of puppies the internet like you did at [R30]. I am replying to the people who posted comments / questions.The great stories are part of what makes DL so entertaining, and without them this would be a less engaging site.Can't you just accept that some tales are genuine and some are either embellished or flat out fictional, and just enjoy the ride?

Two southern men traveled to [rural Ohio] to interview for a job running a cattle farm.

In a way this is his "place of business" and I wasn't coming here looking for that in a million years. There aren't many around until you get to farmland. He is a very nice guy (who didn't kill me ) so that's good at least. Ask if to meet up in some kind of town for a drink another time.[quote] For God's sake? If breeders keep selling dogs they will keep breeding more puppies, if they have a hard time selling them, to the point where they have to sell them so cheap or give them away they will stop breeding even more puppies. fyi, john wayne gacy used to neck massage his house guests .........before they played the handcuff game. too bad john wayne gacys victims didnt have data lounge to go to for help. you could have gotten yourself killed with that thinking Ok I am home...

I probably would roll my eyes at this mess too though, so I get it. I at first thought you should go for this and now I am having 2nd thoughts. I hope you are on your 3 hour drive back home to sanity. damn, the situation you describe is very dangerous.

It is an article of faith among Americans that sex is magically “special” even when divorced from reproduction or feelings; that accepting money for sex is somehow “degrading” even in a capitalist society which allows the commercialization of anything and everything else from cradle to grave; that the sexual activities of consenting adults are a matter for deep governmental concern; and that looking at “dirty pictures” in private somehow causes such grievous social ills that it constitutes a “crime” which in some cases is more serious than murder.

I’ve written about this weird belief on many occasions, but I think it’s important to call attention to it whenever it rears its ugly head.

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