Rebounding into dating

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She received her MSW from the University of Missouri in 2014.

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Here, we would like to introduce you to the truth of the moment – you may be living in an illusion of ‘moving on’, but in reality, you are stuck in the issues of the old relationship.

Have you truly moved on from your last relationship? Being ready for the next partner is not always easy, because you're emotionally frazzled.

While it may seem right as of now, rebound relationships start with the very intention of not being permanent.

From one-night stands to one month or 6 month stands, these relationships harm both the rebounding person and the new person in the relationship.

Is it a sure-shot answer to breakup woes or will it pull you into a cycle of failed relationships? Filled with complexities, this ‘rebound saga’ can potentially cause you consequent heartbreaks and put you in a toxic, unhealthy and painful relationship.

You may be thinking you are moving on, but in reality you are still chained to your past and like how!

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