Radajaxmanager not updating radgrid

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In many cases the number of requests made during page load is leads toward bottle-neck.

In such situations script manager and/or style manager can be used to combine all such requests as one.

The enter key has a key Code of 13 so with a simple if statement we can test the key, if it is indeed the enter key then we can manually click the button we want.

←Back to Library disclaimer & policies Finally I’ve kicked back and started blogging on telerik, after quite a few years of daily usage of telerik controls including that for asp-net Ajax including an highly sophisticated and fairly complex 4 web-forms application, needing performance enhancements.

NET 2.0) and we can never turn off, so this myth is quite far away from the fact, you’d still have lots of functionality.

I turned off the view state for rad grid and I still can perform all those operations.

Page Size 10 records, and guess what, View Sates are reduced to : 600, 632, 632, 632, 632, 632, 632, 632, 632, &, 632 bytes.

I personally think that page load event should not include heavy database processing, but sometimes this is required too, in such cases we may also do Ajax requests instead blocking database calls. NET 4.5 supports asynchronous processing I’d try to explore my options with that too.

Real time validation : Instead using server side validator controls, try to use real time validation using Rad Input or using Java Script ! Or if you want to do it Java Script way, just keep replacing anything non numeric with empty string, reg Ex is your friend !

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