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This is how Park Shin-hye looks have changed, from her first debut until now.The photos above prove that Park Shin-hye was born with a high bridge of the nose, and it’s a normal shape for her facial structure, so it’s obvious that the actress didn’t any surgery on her nose, either.When a reporter asked if she was in a relationship, Shin Hye replied that she was in a secret one."PSH: "Even when I'm watching fun movies or listening to music, I am only thinking of you...", "While walking down the streets, I am only thinking of you..", "I am only thinking of you...

Besides Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye, is also features EXO’s Chanyeol.

Park Shin-hye is a South Korean actress who made her debut at a very young age. Entertainment Official Sites : tells the story of Yoo Jin-woo (played by Hyun Bin), CEO of an investment company, who is talented, has sharp business instincts, and is adventurous and competitive. Unfortunately, he struggles after being betrayed by a friend.

As a child actress, she made her first appearance in a drama in 2003, and she has grown into a young lady with one of the most beautiful faces among the female celebrities in her age. Yoo Jin-woo made a business trip to Granada, Spain, and while there he stayed at an old hostel run by Jung He-joo (played by Park Shin-hye).

Park Shin-hye is a person who gains weight easily, and there was no way to hide her upper arms, which look bigger in the lace dress she wore when attended an award event.

These are the photos of recent Park Shin-hye looks from two years.

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