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Co-host of the Portland dating podcast It's Not Me; It's Me.

I moved here for a job directing art shows in Portland and Seattle.

A bunch of full-of-themselves sadboys would rather sit with their bros than make a move to meet someone?

Meanwhile, the ladies in this town are movers and shakers in all facets.

"If I had a dollar for every mandolin-playing barback I went out with, I'd have enough money to BUY MY OWN DINNER WHEN I GO OUT WITH THESE MANDOLIN-PLAYING BARBACKS." There's just not enough diversity in Portland—and I mean that in every sense of the word.

it's a combo that tends to lead to some confusion, annoyance, or heartache. I've noticed that a lot of folks don't really say what they want, or even know what they want beyond "being open to different sorts of connections." Jo Ann Schinderle, 29 Straight female Portland resident since 2012, last boyfriend circa 2006.

Portland people get blackout drunk and in the morning they're like, "Do you want to get brunch and day-drink?

" Portland hetero gender norms are also woefully conventional. In Portland for 10 years, only single for a few months, but has dated extensively as a polyamorous married person.

Even after all these interviews, I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about Portland dating.

It depends on my mood, and the level of my hope for humanity—which typically decreases with the number of times I've swiped Tinder that day.

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