Online dating first phone call tips

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“I find that people love discussing pets, and it’s a great way to break the tension — because who doesn’t love discussing cuddly animals who purr, lick you, and walk on your face when you’re sleeping,” he tells Bustle.“It’s also a good way to get a conversation going, because it lends itself to a lot of follow-up questions about pet names, breeds, and even showing photos.” He adds that it’s also a great way to see if any pet issues are potential deal-breakers for you, such as you being allergic to cats or that you can’t date someone who doesn’t like animals.“Be interested in them and ask questions about the light-hearted stuff, such as how they got into the city or where they found parking,” Mathur tells Bustle.“Asking questions that require black and white answers are a great way to start deeper conversations.” And if it's an online date, make sure you take another look at their profile.“Now, depending on when it is in the week, their day might involve weekly errands and chores, catching up on a personal project (taxes, anyone?), or a weekend day-drinking with friends,” Thomas Edwards, founder of The Professional Wingman, tells Bustle.“The cats-or-dogs question will get those out of the way,” Bennett says.

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Although you and the person have likely been messaging back-and-forth for a while — and have maybe even had a phone call or two — you still need to see if your conversation flows in person. Varsha Mathur, dating and relationship coach at Knowing Luxe Coaching, says to start with a light topic.“Their answer alone can trigger a whole new set of conversations to be had, now and in the future.”Hall, too, believes asking your date where they’d like to travel makes for a great icebreaker.“Dream destinations can give you a great peek into someone’s lifestyle, goals, and is a good conversation-starter,” she says.But now, you can ask your date what *else* is on their travel list, too.“Whether someone has traveled, wants to, or doesn’t want to, it’s a simple way to find how cultured and worldly someone’s personality is,” Edwards says.

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