Online dating doesnt work

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Well then I got my somewhat of a fun little rant out of the way, and I hope it helps someone. Technology has not brought anything new to the human condition that didn't already exist.Personal classifieds, speed dating, sending a telegram to the nearest frontier town for a wife, it's all existed in one form or another.One of those "perfect is the enemy of good" dilemmas. I'm an average looking guy in his thirties, who has had (by the standards of reddit) a ridiculous amount of success on dating sites (ok cupid and tinder). Absolutely, anyone who needs therapy (which is pretty much everyone) should get it.Definitely, if you're consistently 'failing' at relationships and hookups it may not be the worlds fault.

Romance has always been a numbers game (as in, getting the largest sample size in which to render the highest ratio of compatibility).

Sure everyone farts, but it's not very appealing to put on your dating profile.

Ok, so we go Bots, Subscription and Piss Poor Profile Quality out of the way let's get to the biggest elephant in the room.

Rapid increase in Technology and the Internet has brought some rather interesting products and services, it also brought the rise of Social Medias who mine data and Online Dating services which have been on a steady decline in Quality for past 5 years.

The concept of Online Dating was born to allow people to engage in dating when they were not able to go out, or are not the "going out" type. I enjoy a quiet ride down some twisty back roads on my FRS then I would partying or going to clubs.

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