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We recommend setting up chats and calls so that during the exploration of your website, a chat invitation is displayed, but the Callback proposal appears only when a visitor is close to making a purchase (for example: moving goods to their cart or switching to the shopping cart view), or when there are signs of leaving the website (for example, if the mouse pointer crosses the top of the screen after viewing multiple pages).

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Live chat analytics provide insight regarding referral links (what brought them to your site) operating system and device (how customers want to reach you), active or idle status, time spent on your site, number of visits, number of chats, and location. Very often, they require the attention and human connection afforded by phone support.You can block trolls by phone number and by IP-address.In order to do that, just open the "troll" call in the log and click the "block" button.Give your clients help and information over the phone so that they are empowered to buy more products.Try it for free First, the client enters their phone number in the Callback window.

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