Nlp dating

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With Implanted Commands, you’ll “package” up a piece of information and feed it to her. The entire list of Implanted Commands (44 of them) are inside Shogun Method, but here’s a sample line: As you’ve probably realized by now, NLP can be incredibly powerful when it comes to seducing women.

When done correctly, she will think as if the information you’re feeding her are her own thoughts. It may be strange to you, but NLP is not really that common in love and dating.

We are pattern-sensing machines, and we’re quite happy to create one where they make no logical sense. She starts getting upset and devolving into all the negative emotions that her breakup took her through. Try saying something like this: Man, this is powerful stuff.

This worked really well back in the day when a cracking twig meant something big was coming. You see her getting pissed, and while she’s getting pissed she’s seeing YOU. She’ll move from the dangerous place of associating you with all those negative feelings, and instead associate you with the CESSATION of those feelings. Or let’s say that a girl tells you she has a boyfriend.

Soon enough, hearing the bell was enough to get the dogs salivating. All animals with the intelligence to connect cause and effect are the same (even though in this case, that connection is false).

Then, Pavlov started ringing a bell before he fed the dogs.

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A few more times throughout your time together, re-establish it. Use this sort of strategy as often as you can, for any sort of good positive feeling. Up next, I've got a controversial tip I discovered to have the loving life you deserve, by tapping into what speaks to a woman's DNA on a genetic level...

Instead, what you want to do is So, let’s say you’re talking to a girl in a coffee shop. You wait three seconds, then copy her by fiddling your hair a little.

Leave that to amateurish “Pickup Artists” and their clueless followers.

Ok, not a bloody tampon, but you get the picture.) Then, whenever you need it, you can pick this up and remember this time.”Boom.

Let me paint the scene for you: I was sitting in my office here in sunny San Diego one day with a new Shogun Method client of mine. By this point, she might have sat back in her chair. Mirroring incorporates This means that to seduce a woman, you’ll need to covertly “guide” her thoughts to come to the conclusions that you want…

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